8310 – 2015Fall


Lecture  Topic

Discussion leader and required readings

Background readings (Chapters): Case; Mittelbach; Gotelli; Vandermeer&Goldberg; Gurney&Nisbet; plus  additional readings from the literature

August 18

Introduction to course; Population growth and regulation  (PPT)

Case: 1,2,5&6; Mittelbach: 4; Gotelli: 1&2; V&G: 1&4; G&N: 1,5.1,5.2

August 20

Pop growth, continued (PPT)

Demographic and environmental stochasticity (PPT)


Griffen and Drake (2008, PDF)

Homework 1: see lecture PPT (due Monday)

Same as above

August 25

Stage-structured dynamics; Projection matrices (HW1 notes (word, pdf); Ricker plots; lecture PPT)


Amy and Greg

Saether et al. (2002, PDF)
see also Clark et al. (2010, PDF), Global Population Dynamics Database (GPDD)

Case: 3; Gotelli: 3; V&G: 3; G&N: 8

August 27

Stage-structured dynamics (cont)  (PPT); Homework 2 (PDF)

Sameera and Michelle

Vonesh and de la Cruz (2002) (PDF)

Same as above

September 1

Metapopulations  (PPT)

Katie & Cecilia

Peres et al (2003, PDF)

Gotelli: 4; V&G: 5; G&N: 9; C: 16; Mittelbach: 12

September 3

Metapopulations (continued)

Mike and Paige M.

Hamilton et al (2007, PDF)

See previous class

September 8

Habitat quality, Cryptic density-dependence, Ideal Free Distribution  (PPT)

Paige H. and Thomas

Hanski and Singer 2001 (PDF)

Shima and Osenberg 2003 (PDF)
Oksanen et al 1995 (PDF)

September 10

Foraging theory  (PPT)

Liz and Robbie

van de Koppel et al. 2008 (PDF)

Charnov 1976 (PDF)

September 15

Foraging theory (continued)

Dexter and Kishan

Zhu et al. (2015) (PDF)

Mittelbach 1981 (PDF)
Osenberg and Mittelbach 1989 (PDF)
Mittelbach and Osenberg 1993 (PDF)

September 17

Foraging theory  (continued)

Maura & Rebecca

Yu et al. (2015) (PDF)


September 22

Evolution (PPT)


Oksanen et al 1995 (PDF)

None; but you should review basics from other resources.

September 24

We'll spend the entire class time on the Fronhofer and Altermatt discussion

Daniel and Maura

Fronhofer and Altermatt 2015 (PDF)


September 29

Life histories/Villellas  (PPT); Ind. Contrasts (PPT)


Villellas et al 2015 (PDF)

Case (7, 8, 9); V&G (2); Mittelbach (15)

October 1

Competition / Lotka-Volterra  (PPT)

Homework 3 (PDF)

Paige H. and Michelle

Sibly et al 2012 (and commentary by Dobson) (PDF)

G&N (6); Gotelli (5); Mittelbach (7,8); V&G (8); Case (14)

October 6

HW3 key (PDF), discussion, and research seminar by Suzanne Mills

Kishan and Maura

Martorell & Freckleton 2014 (PDF)

Just the discussion paper

October 8

Exam 1



October 13

Exam debrief

Liz and Katie

Miller 1994 (PDF)

Just the discussion paper

October 15

Resource-based competition  (PPT); Homework 4 (PDF)

Sameera and Robbie

Xu et al 2015 (PDF)

Mittelbach (7,8); V&G (8); or Tilman (1982 and 1988; Princeton Monograph series)

October 20

Resource heterogeneity and disturbance: several views on "co-existence"  (PPT)


Fritschie et al. 2014 (PDF)

Mittelbach (8); V&G (8); G&N (6);

October 22

Predator-prey dynamics  (PPT)


Tilman 1994 (PDF)

Mittelbach (5, 6); G&N (6); Gotelli (6); V&G (6); Case (11, 12, 13)

October 27

No lecture -- we used the full period for discussion

Rebecca and Amy

Arditi and Saiah 1992 (PDF)

Just the discussion paper

October 29

Predator-prey (data, additional factors)  (PPT)

Paige M and Rebecca

Tubay et al. (2013) (PDF)

Same as previous week

November 3

HSS, Oksanen, trophic cascades (PPT)


Daniel and Amy

Hastings 2004 (PDF)

Mittelbach (11); (of course, you could also read Hairston et al 1960 and Oksanen et al. 1981)

November 5

Indirect effects and higher order interactions (PPT)

Sameera and Michelle

Rosindell et al 2015 (PDF)

Mittelbach (pp 142-144; Ch 10, 11)

November 10

Biodiversity and ecosystem function  (PPT)

Dexter and Kishan

Frund et al. 2013 (PDF)

Mittelbach (3)

November 12

Communities in space  (PPT)

Daniel and Dexter

Ellner & Becks 2011 (PDF)

Mittelbach (3, 13); Gotelli (7); Case (~16)

November 17

Disease ecology: SIR models  (PPT)

Guest instructor: Drew Kramer

Liz and Katie

Johnson and Hoverman 2012 (PDF)

Required: Drake chapter (PDF)
Additional: V&G (7);

November 19

Disease ecology: white-nose syndrome  (PDF)

Guest instructor: John Drake

Robbie and Paige M.

Maher et al. 2012 (PDF)

Required: Keeling and Eames 2005 (PDF)

Thursday readings from books

Thanksgiving holiday

December 1

Presentations of the "most interesting papers"  (PPT)

Paige H.

Pantel et al. 2015 (PDF)


December 3

Exam 2



December 8

Exam Review; Course Feedback