It’s official: Dr. Jiao and Dr. Hamman!

Jing graduated from UF in April.  Her mother and father came out from China to help celebrate and to help her prepare for her new post-doc at Michigan State University with Scott Peacor and Jim Bence.   We'll going to miss Jing and her smile, but look forward to hearing about her new work on Great Lakes foodweb dynamics (and her continuing work on movement ecology).  Congratulations Jing!

Elizabeth graduated from UGA on May 5th.  Her family was all here for the celebration.  We had a grand time and put quite a dent in my lab-stash of bourbon!  Elizabeth is heading off to a post-doc with Mike McCoy at ECU (and will also be working with James Vonesh, VCU, and Ben Bolker, McMaster Univ.).  We're going to miss her greatly (as will the blackboard!) and wish her all the best in her new adventures.  Congratulations Elizabeth!