MPA Assessment


A new book on Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) edited by Joachim Claudet is now available from Cambridge University Press. In chapter 7 of this book, we explore the evaluation of MPAs using different impact assessment designs (Control-Impact, Before-After-Control-Impact, and Before-After-Control-Impact-Paired-Series) as well as the possibility of covarying effects of biogenic habitat and fish populations in affecting estimates of MPA effectiveness.

From the Book Flyer:
“Human-induced environmental disturbance – through fishery activities, coastal development, tourism and pollution – is a major challenge to the restoration and conservation of marine biodiversity. Synthesizing the latest research into marine biodiversity conservation and fisheries management, this book provides regional and global perspectives on the role of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in confronting this challenge. The approach is multidisciplinary, covering all the fields involved in designating and assessing MPAs: ecology, fisheries science, statistics, economics, sociology and genetics. The book is structured around key topics, including threats to marine ecosystems and resources, the effects and effectiveness of MPAs and the scaling-up of MPA systems. Both theoretical and empirical approaches are considered. Recognizing the diversity of MPA sciences, the book also includes one part designed specifically as a practical guide to implementing scientific assessment studies of MPAs and monitoring programs.”