Current lab members

Lianne M. Allen-Jacobson (PhD 2018, UF; co-advised by Scott McKinley)

Lianne does fieldwork in Moorea, but also synthesizes data from the literature.  She was a fellow in our QSE3 IGERT program at UF and is investigating the evolution of coloniality and the growth dynamics of corals.  Her MS work (CSUN with Pete Edmunds) focused on the application of DEB models to understand coral energetics.

Anya Brown (PhD 2018, UGA)

Anya's research explores the interactions among algae, vermetids, and coral; and how these interactions are mediated by microbial dynamics. She works in Moorea, where she also conducted her thesis work (at CSUN with Bob Carpenter).  

[her webpage]

Philip Shirk (PhD 2018, UF)

Phil works on fragmentation and the responses of reptiles and amphibians, especially chameleons.   He works in the Usambara mountains of Tanzania, continuing the research he initiated during his MS (at VCU with James Vonesh).

Greg Jacobs (PhD 2020, UGA; advised by Seth Wenger; Craig is his co-advisor)

Greg worked previously for the US Fish and Wildlife (Northeast Fishery Center in Lamar, PA).  He is interested in fish movement in streams and how this can alter ecosystem processes (e.g., tied to nutrient fluxes mediated by transport and excretion by the fish community).

Rebecca Atkins (PhD 2020, UGA)

Rebecca works on Littoraria - Spartina interactions in east-coast saltmarshes. She is particularly interested in latitudinal variation in the strength of the interaction and the factors (including temperature and size-structure) that shift the interaction from beneficial to deleterious.  She has an NSF predoctoral fellowship (as well as a UGA Presidential Fellowship) 

[her webpage]

Amy Briggs (PhD 2021, UGA)

Amy is just starting her PhD in the Osenberg lab, after doing her MS at CSUN (with Bob Carpenter).  Amy's MS work was on the response of crustose coralline algae to ocean acidification, but for her PhD she will likely examine food-web dynamics (possibly involving the dinoflagellates that cause ciguatera).

[her webpage]

Paula Pappalardo (Post-doc)

Paula has expertise in larval ecology and biogeography of marine invertebrates.  That said, she is working on Craig's DOE project investigating soil C dynamics, and enhancing her expertise in meta-analysis and associated analytic methods. 

[her webpage]

Dan Hawkins (MS 2019, UGA)

Dan just started in the lab and will be working on the ecology of saltmarshes, primarily at Sapelo Island (site of the Georgia Coastal LTER project).  He'll be developing a project that complements the dissertation work of Rebecca Atkins.