Current lab members

Alex Primo (PhD 2025, UGA)

Alex joined our lab in 2020 after graduating from UCSB in 2018 and working with us in Moorea in 2019.  He's interested in coral-associated invertebrates, how these macro-symbionts interact with and influence coral dynamics, and the role of intraspecific variation in the behavior of the symbionts.

Dan Cryan (PhD 2025, UGA)

Dan is joining our lab (Fall 2020) after graduating from Stanford University in 2018 and doing an internship at the EPA in 2020.  Dan is interested in marine conservation and the intersection of community ecology, biogeography, and behavioral ecology.  He is especially interested in fish cleaning mutualisms and how these systems respond to environmental stressors, including fishing.

Rebecca Atkins (PhD 2021, UGA)

Rebecca works on Littoraria - Spartina interactions in east-coast saltmarshes. She is particularly interested in latitudinal variation in the strength of the interaction and the factors (including temperature and size-structure) that shift the interaction from beneficial to deleterious.  She has an NSF predoctoral fellowship (as well as a UGA Presidential Fellowship) and will be a Knauss Policy Fellow in 2022.  [her webpage]

Amy Briggs (PhD 2022, UGA)

Amy is examining the environmental drivers of ciguatoxic dinoflagellates (the cause of ciguatoxic finfish poisoning, CFP) and the food-web implications of these dinoflagellates.  Much of her work focuses on the role of the spatial distribution of algae and microbes in determining the local abundance of the dinoflagellates, their effect on herbivorous fishes, and their link to human incidence of CFP. [her webpage]